Local planning as a unit was envisioned during the administration of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos in 1975 to organize an RP-USAID Assistance Program for the purpose of constructing, rehabilitating and improving rural infrastructures in selected provinces in the country. Provinces with this foreign program were required to create their own Provincial Development Staff or commonly called PDS who will undergo rigid trainings on development planning, monitoring and evaluation system.

During the same year, was the creation of Department of Local Government and Community Development or DLGCD through an issued Memorandum Circular No. 75-56 for selected municipalities of Quezon which was further strengthened by DILG Circular 76-110 that formed Provincial Development Coordinator as a position for all municipalities nationwide the following year, 1976.

Mr. Agapito M. Arazo became the Provincial Development Administrator, tuned as the Provincial Development Coordinator established Municipal Development Coordinator or MDC as a position that act as municipal budget officer, municipal engineer and municipal secretary all at the same time.  These municipal positions were later became mandatory positions.