Based on the Local Government Code of 1991, Sec.480, Art. 10, the Municipal Administrator’s Office shall:

A. Ensure effective and efficient implementation of the Municipal Government’s governance    and development policies, programs and projects and activities.

B. Develop, install and sustain a system-wide internal and external mechanism for effective decision-making and implementation processes.

C. Develop, install and sustain a system-wide efficient and effective performance-driven organization, development policies, programs, projects, reliefs and assistance provision during and in the aftermath of man and natural disasters and calamities.

D. Develop, install and implement a system of monitoring and evaluating the quality and performance of all municipal government offices for judging system-level efficiency nd effectiveness in accordance with existing rues and regulations;

E. Develop, install and cause the implementation of system audit and control upon its approval thereof;

F. Develop, manage and issue municipal government manual of operations and procedures as approved by the Office of the Municipal Mayor;

G. Conduct and cause the conduct of all capacity-building of stakeholder’s disaster risk reduction and management and climate change in the adaption in the municipality upon approval of the Municipal Mayor as Chair of the MDRRMC.