– Lopez was once a flourishing coastal settlement named “Talolong” somewhere in the southern part of the municipality of Gumaca. “ Talolong” was derived from the name of sturdy trees abundant in the place called “Talolong” with a scientific name “Drypetes Borbini” and “Balikbikan” as its national name.

– The original location of the settlement was in the marshy mouth of a sedate river, which was founded by the descendants of DATU DUMANGSIL and BALINGSULA of the KALILAYAN KINGDOM.  Due to the frequent plundering and terrorism of the pirates, the colony was transferred to the present town’s location

– The settlement of Lakan Bugtali who founded the community of Gumaca was gone.  Even a trace of its remains cannot be identified neither the vantages of the Encomienda of Kalilayan nor a fraction of its 16th century glories.  When it became a sitio through a Papal Bill, the village started to manage by her own.